Thursday, November 30, 2017


This is my last day of diving.  I am just doing the two morning dives.

I found this Phyllidiopsis shireenae with its genital aperture out!  The funny thing was that there was no other nudi to be found anywhere.  I guess it was having some "lonely sex".

I have to say that Nando really NAILED IT!!!  I got so many new nudis on these last two dives.  I seriously don’t know how he does it.  He must have bionic vision.

146 - Unknown (tiny lavender with white margin and barely orange rhinophores and gills - maybe Hypselodoris sp. 16 or Thorunna punicea)

147 - Cuthona sp. 9

148 - Unknown (Looks like Phyllidia varicosa but there are only four yellow bumps along the top)

149 - Thorunna sp. 4

150 - Cuthona pinnifera

151 - Goniobranchus sp. 25

152 - Unknown (wispy white one with purple tips - I KNOW I've ID'ed it before on a previous trip - maybe Facelinid sp. 7)

153 - Caloria sp. 2

154 - Limenandra fusiformis (or could possibly be a Noumeaella with the feathered rhinophores)

155 - Unknown (body clear with white sparkly dots - rhinophores and oral tentacles white, yellow cerata with red rings)

156 - Aegires sp. 5

157 - Verconia sp. 5

158 - Verconia sp. 4

159 - Doto sp. 4 (I think)

160 - Chromodoris dianae

161 - Hypselodoris Krakatoa

So, that’s all folks.  33 Dives bringing me up to 1750 lifetime dives.

Most impressive is the fact that we KEPT finding new nudis throughout the trip.  We never leveled off.  Here’s the graph:

Until next time (Slugfest 3 in Anilao)…

The End.

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