Friday, March 9, 2018

Party People

There was a snake in one of the dive gear boxes this morning.  You should have seen all the deckhand squealing like little girls.  This snake was so tiny it was ridiculous!  But Mike came along and yanked it out… getting bit twice in the process.

Today is the last day of diving and the first rainy day.  We have been pretty lucky!

I noticed some signs today by the office.  After three years of coming here, I never knew there was a “Relaxation Room”.  Huh.  It’s up the stairs in a little area I had no idea existed.  It’s for massages.  I guess that says something about me.

I got roped into putting together the slideshow for the evening party.  It wasn’t too tough, but the end product was not that fantastic:
To be clear, only a few of these are my pictures.  Many of them are from the other guests.

Here is the group shot:

The chef made the most amazing cupcakes for dinner.  They are all topped with nudis!

Jim revealed the numbers… we beat 2017 but not 2016.

I left the boys at the bar doing alternating shots of whiskey and rum.  Ew.

Here are the last day’s nudis:

172 - Goniodoridella sp. 10

173 - Facelina sp. 5

174 - Stiliger sp. 2

175 - Bulbaeolidia alba

176 - Dendrodoris denisoni

177 - Goniobranchus collingwoodi

178 - Unknown (lavendar Flabellina with maroonish red tips)

179 - Eubranchus sp. 19

So I made it to 179 nudis this year!  This is my trending graph:

I beat 2017 which was 161 nudis but not 2016 which was 190.   I did 32 dives bringing me up to 1782.

Now, on to Romblon...

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