Thursday, March 1, 2018

It's a Small Nudi World

My flights were easy peesy and I spent half a night in the Remington Hotel on Tuesday night.  They put me on the second floor above the courtyard and at like 4am, there was still music blaring.  So I called down and they turned it off.

I didn’t sleep much so I grabbed some buffet breakfast and tried to go back to sleep.  No dice. They were doing construction.  Ugh.  I feel like every single hotel I stay in lately is under construction.

So I tried to go see a movie.  Black Panther.  They had no diet coke.  And the popcorn had a cheese flavor on it that was powdered and nasty.  Ugh.  I gave up and went back to my room where the jackhammers were still going.  I called down to the desk and asked them when it would stop.  They said around 5pm.  I was able to snooze a little but then the music started playing again… around 5pm. 

At 6:30, Pirot saved me by calling my room.  It was time to go for our Crab Dinner!  We were looking forward to this so much.  It was delicious but very very messy.

When I got back to my room, the karaoke was blaring, so I asked to move rooms.  Thank God they accommodated me and I slept like a rock.

Mike came and picked us up, took us to Starbucks and we had a pretty uneventful van ride to the resort.

We had a little lunch and then got in two dives!!!  Woot!

There are about a dozen of us in this workshop.
Mike Bartick
Dave Behrens
Jim Anderson
Francis Pellet
Pirjot Pellet
Pam McPherson
Anouk Huben
Chuck Dreyfus
David Cowdery
Terry Farr
Juli Schubert
Gordon Tillen
David Mullins

I’ve been Facebook friends with this guy named Chuck for a long time but I couldn’t remember where I knew him from.  It turns out that he was a guest when I worked as crew on the Kona Aggressor in 2005.  He is from Denver but moved to Puerto Galera.  Good for him!  I’m going to see if I can find a picture of him that I took that week.

The two dives were pretty fruitful and I was super happy to find a Okenia rhinorma on my own!

1 - Doto sp. 6

2 - Eubranchus sp. 22

3 - Mexichromis multituberculata

4 - Thecacera sp. 8

5 - Okenia rhinorma
This was very special since it isn't in Jim's book yet!

6 - Flabellina bilas 

7 – Tenellia sp. 66

8 - Janolus sp. 7

9 - Eubranchus mandapamensis

10 - Tenellia sp. 13

11 - Goniobranchus hintuanensis

12 - Costasiella kuroshimae

13 - Chromodoris annae

14 - Phyllidia varicosa

15 - Okenia brunneomaculata

16 - Hypselodoris krakatoa

17 - Chelidonura amoena

18 - Goniodoridella savignyi

19 - Phyllidia coelestis

20 - Hypselodoris sp. 17

21 - Ceratosoma tenue

22 - Flabellina exoptata

23 - Hypselodoris tryoni

24 - Phyllodesmium lizardense

25 - Discodoris boholiensis

26 - Phyllodesmium tuberculatum 

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