Tuesday, March 6, 2018

A Comedy of Errors

Mike has a weird love for Tom Jones… he keeps singing and playing “It’s so unusual to be loved by anyone…”

I had to admit I was powerless to Mike and Gordon.  I came clean that my charger just wasn’t plugged in.

Alas, today was another trying day.

The first two dives were AWESOME.  At Kirby Rock and Bethlehem.

The boat engine died… but they got us a new one, smaller but fine – it gets the job done.

Then when I was loading my pictures to Lightroom, something became corrupted and like half my photos from the morning dive have been lost.  Ugh.

I spent all evening restoring my Lightroom catalog and figuring out how to get myself back in business.  All is good now, but I lost about 100 photos and a day’s worth of time for identifying and editing!

I picked up a hint from Pirjo… bring a memory card for every day and then don’t delete pictures from the cards until I’m home.  A little pricey, but actually not a bad idea to ensure I don’t lose photos again.

When I put on my hood for the afternoon dive, I felt something funny in it and quickly flicked my hand out.  The biggest cockroach ever came flying out.  Ewww!

On the night dive, I checked my air about 45 minutes in and it was already down to 600 PSI.  How could that be!?!?!?  I was bummed.  I got a few last species in before going up to the boat.  I was the first one on it.  That never happens.  When Glenn (our divemaster) got into the boat he said that my tank was leaking.  OK, now that makes sense.  It wasn’t just me sucking down air.

Here are the species on the saved photos:

126 - Glossodoris rufomarginata

127 - Halgerda batangas

I found it amazing that the genital aperture is the same coloring as the rhinophores and gills!

128 - Goniobranchus geometricus

129 - Goniobranchus sp. B

130 - Facelina sp. 4

131 - Dermatobranchus fortunatus

132 - Gastropteron sp. 5

133 - Ceratosoma gracillimum

134 - Doto ussi

135 - Hypselodoris nigrostriata

136 - Pruvotfolia sp. 4

137 - Goniobranchus aureopurpureus

138 - Hydatina physis

139 - Pleurobranchus varians

140 - Melibe sp.

That round thing with the whiskers is its mouth opening and closing.  I got some video and will try to post.

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