Sunday, September 30, 2012

Who has a Fuzzy Bottom?

The Cheng Ho doesn’t have a watermaker, so today we had to tie up at the dock to other boats and fill up with water.  A huge rat got on board somehow… we saw it run up to the bow of the boat as we were getting ready for a dive in the harbor.  It really freaked me out and for at least 24 hours I was still wondering if it was still on the boat somewhere.  Ew!

Jayne’s husband Bob invited me to a trip they are doing in February, but I already have a trip planned to Bonaire.  But I asked them where they plan to go early 2014… and they said they didn’t know if they’d be alive then.  What!?!?!  Old people humor.  Ha!  They are in better shape than I am!  I think Graham has something cooking for early 2014.  J

The night dive was at a place called Fuzzy Bottom.  It was awesome.  There were critters everywhere!  We came up telling Graham that we love his “Fuzzy Bottom”!
Slug Slimedown:
174 - Mexichromis mariei
175 - Hypselodoris infucata
176 - Goniodoris joubini
Laying eggs
177 - Pectenodoris trilineata
178 - Tritonia sp. 2
179 - Hypselodoris bullockii
180 - Gymnodoris rubropapulosa
181 - Caloria sp. 4
182 - Phyllidiella granulata
183 - Discodoris boholensis
The margin on this guy makes him look like a flatworm, but look closely, there are rhinophores.
184 - Halgerda paliensis
Someone showed me this one and I could really figure out what I was looking at.  I kep thinking that the gills might be the whole nudi so I was taking close up shots of it.  It was only after I looked at the photos I saw the whole animal.  Whoops!
185 - Dendrodoris nigra
Fetal pig?
186 - Discodoris lilacina
187 - Cuthona sp. 17

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