Saturday, September 15, 2012

Balanced, but Gung-ho for the Cheng Ho

Well, it's time again for another trip around the globe.  I've been working hard this year with Walgreens on their new Loyalty Program, Balance Rewards.  Sign up for some awesome savings and earn points (like an airline miles program)!

We've been taking the new program live in phases but tonight we take transaction processing live.  Very Exciting.

I'm celebrating with a trip to Indonesia with Diving 4 Images with my friend Graham Abbott who owns and runs the company:

I fly out Wednesday night from Chicago to London, London to Bangkok, Bangkok to Bali.

I don't get on the boat until Saturday and then I spend 11 days on the Cheng Ho where we go Bima – Sangaeng – Northern Sumbawa – Bima:
The Cheng Ho. Photo by Graham Abbott

The boat will be filled with lots of other underwater photographers and malacologists who like hunting for nudibranchs as much as I do!

After the boat, I spend a few days at Villa Markisa in Tulamben:

I come back Bali to Singapore, Sinapore to London, London to Chicago.  And I'll be back at work on Monday October 8th.

Now, if I can just help my team successfully implement Balance Rewards, I'll be Gung-ho for the Cheng Ho!

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