Saturday, September 29, 2012

I found my Point B!

It’s my three year anniversary of working at Point B.  A company who is not only totally fine with me taking time off to travel half way around the world to go SCUBA diving, they encourage it and talk about it in the Company newsletter.  What better way to celebrate than with an underwater photo in my “I found my Point B” t-shirt?


Today Graham found a Phyllodesmium macphersonae again.  He worked so hard to get it ready for its photo shoot… but when I got a good look at it, I didn’t really see the color pattern I was expecting so I questioned that it was really the macphersonae and only took a couple of shots.  Whoops, it totally was and it even had a red parasite on it!  Oh well, I at least have one halfway decent shot of the nudibranch with my last name on it!
Nudis by the numbers:

159 - Lamanotis sp. 1
See the frilly stuff behind it?  It is laying eggs.  Oh, and that yellowish wooden thing in the background?  That's one of the skewers marking an interesting slug.

160 - Elysia sp. 17

161 - Armina sp.

162 - Cuthona sp. 14
These two are laying eggs (that white dotted stuff).

163 - Noalda sp. 1

164 - Trapania armilla

165 - Chromodoris hintuanensis

166 - Berghia sp. 3
Look closely, there are three orange ones on the right having a party.  On the left are two circles of eggs they left behind.  All of this camoflauged on an orange sponge.  Awesome!!!

167 - Risbecia tryoni
Some people call this a pizza nudi since it looks like a Pepperoni Pizza.

168 - Philinopsis sp.

169 - Glossidoris rufomarginata

170 - Phyllodesmium macphersonae
In the book, this looks a bit more blue.  Look closely, there's a red parasite in the cerata.

171 - Lobiger viridis
Lobigers are pretty rare.  Cool!

172 - Marionia sp. 10
I love me a good pink n green combo.  Preppy nudi?

173 - Cuthona sp. 36

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