Thursday, September 27, 2012

Off The Grid

It’s wild to be completely disconnected for 12 days.  I had to look up the fact that it is now Thursday and we are 18 dives into a 40 dive trip.  And I don’t get off the boat until next Wednesday.  This is amazing.  I am completely AWAY.

I do need to work on my tan though.  It seems there is no time for me to just relax and read a book in the sun.  I am constantly working on identifying my nudis and coming up with my unique list!
102 - Phyllodesmium iriomotense
So dainty.
103 - Flabellina sp. 2
This one was crawling on one of the skewers we used to mark an interesting nudi.
104 - Chelidonura varians
105 - Gymnodoris ceylonica
I am fascinated by these because you can see right through them.  These two are mating and you can see right into their genital aperture.  Whoa.
106 - Aeolidiella alba
This little guy rocks back and forth like an itty bitty rocking horse.

107 - Bornella cf. adamsii
There was one stretch of the slope where there were dozens of these foot long bornellas.  They have quite a personality and all of us divers were excited about them.
108 - Flabellina sp.
109 - Eubranchus sp.
110 - Janolus sp. 
This one is so pretty and there's an imperial shrimp on it!

111 - Stiliger ornatus
These seem to always be found on leaves.
112 - Cuthona sp. (orange with black cerata)
113 - Chromodoris verrieri
The gills are retracted.
114 - Cuthona sp. (whispy white one with lavendar rhinophores)
sp is short for species.  It means that the species is not yet identified yet by a scientist.  There are only a few Nudibranch scientists qualified to dissect, research and identify a new one so until then, they are sp, sp.1, sp. 2, etc.  Real nudibranchers call them "Spa 1", not "s.p.1". 
I know, I'm sharing too many secrets of the slug club.
115 - Cuthona sp. (orange body with white, pink tipped cerata)
116 - Eubranchus sp. (orange see through knobby one)
117 - Petalifera ramosa
This is also a sea hare.  See those little eyes?
118 - Marionia sp. 13
Can you believe this is a slug?
119 - Noumea angustolutea
Doesn't this look like a cartoon character?
120 - Placida cremoniana
Chocolate chip nudi?

121 - Flabellina sp. (with white dots)
122 - Platydoris inornata
123 - Tambja sp.
You can see through this one too.  Very cool.
124 - Dendronotus sp. 2
I love this.  Super unique.
125 - Moridilla brockii
126 - Tritonia sp. (orange)
Lots of orange on this dive site!

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