Wednesday, September 19, 2012

This day can only get better.

It must be time to go on a vacation.  I woke up early this morning to make sure I could get everything done in time and instead everything seemed to go wrong.  First, I went to go put my cool mouthpiece that molds to my bite on to my regulator.  And since I had my dive knife right there, I decided to use it to remove the old mouthpiece.  Bad decision.  As I cut through the zip tie, I sliced my left thumb.  Badly.  I hate blood, and at the ass crack of dawn (4:30am) I got extremely woozy.  What a great way to start off this trip.  I’ll have to watch it closely because any cut in seawater is prone to staph infection.  Yuck!

Once I got the gusher under control, I went to put the new mouthpiece on and it didn’t fit.  At all… no matter how hard to tried to force it with my good hand.  I knew that there were different sizes for this mouthpiece but I swore I got the right one.  Apparently not.  Ugh.  That means a trip to the dive shop today.  And to Underwater Safaris, my least favorite shop (but the closest). 

Then, the one day I planned on working from home, I couldn’t get internet on any of my three laptops… wirelessly or through ethernet.  What!?!?!?  Oh well, at least I could go down to my lobby and get it.  But nope, internet was down for the whole building.  OK, in the meantime I thought I could read up on my Walgreens emails… but nope.  My Blackberry was no longer receiving incoming emails.  What is going on?

I sucked it up and decided I’d need to go down the street to Starbucks, but when I did, I couldn’t get my Walgreens laptop to connect.  My VPN had expired.  Oh no.  This meant I had to run down to the office.  I caught a bus downtown and spent a couple hours getting everything finalized and my out of office turned on.

This day could only get better.  As long as I make my flight…

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