Thursday, May 25, 2017

1700 and Still Silly

It’s my 1700th dive on the first dive this morning.  Whoa, that is so AWESOME!  We are doing Kirby Rock, a great place to celebrate that.

I am actually about caught up on my images and blog posts!  Wow.  That hasn’t happened in a while. 

Jim came down this morning barking about the list.  Mine is ready for input but Pirjo has the sheet.  He’s stomping around.

I’m cracking myself up today.

First I put a folder on Mike’s thumb drive entitled “Jim A’s Photos” and put in five CRAP photos that weren’t in focus at all.  Then I had Catherine ask Mike if there were any pictures from Jim when he was critiquing.  He did open the folder and look at them but said “Oh, this must be a mistake” and moved on.  I was dying laughing but nobody else thought it was all that funny.

Then I brought the hanging Chad on the morning dives and arranged him with nudis.  He had so much fun and we all had an underwater giggle.

For the night dive, we went to Town Pier, but it sucked.  I shot a few things but not much.  I think I found only one slug… but I think it’s new to my list.

117 - Phyllidiopsis shireenae

118 - Phyllidiopsis fissurata
 119 - Trapania vitta

120 - Phyllidia coelestis

121 - Sagaminopteron psychedelicum

122 - Okenia kendi

123 - Glossodoris cincta

124 - Jorunna funebris

125 - Cratena simba

126 - Facelina sp. 5

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