Monday, May 29, 2017

165 Nudis in One Minute

OK, to be honest, I’m about done.  This four dives a day thing is started to get me REALLY tired.  Ten days of this is just about right.  I’m not sure how I ever did two back to back trips this intense.

I do want to get up to 100 dives this year though.  That’s always my goal.  I hit 36 on this trip.  I guess I need to do two more this year to hit that goal.  Sadly, I don’t have anything else on the books yet.  I need to get on that!

Our last two dives were at Kirby Rock and Old Beth… our two favorite places.

I only got two new nudis, but it was so fun and a great way to end the diving.

Our final counts and photos for the slideshow were due by 3pm when we also had a group photo taken.

Then I took a NAP.  I had been dying to take an afternoon nap for the whole trip and I finally got to.  When the alarm went off at 5:30pm, I was in shock.  I could have slept many more hours!

I put together a one minute slideshow of the 165 nudis I saw on this trip and showed Mike.  He asked me what I used to put it together and I told him Lightroom.  He quickly put one together for all of the guest photos.  I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks!  I thought Mike knew everything about Photoshop/Lightroom.  I feel honored to have taught him the little slideshow trick.

It was fun to see everything people shot.  We had some fruity drinks and recounted some stories from the week, but I was still so tired, I just hit they hay a little early.

164 - Eubranchus sp. A

165 - Pleurobranchus albiguttatus

166 - Dermatobranchus fortunatus

So that’s all folks!  166* nudis.  36 dives bringing me up to 1717 lifetime dives.

* At the end of the trip, I only had 165 but after reviewing slug id's I was able to identify one additional!

Here is my video:

Here are the group stats:

I’m so grateful to live this life and can’t wait for the next adventure… wherever that may take me!

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