Friday, December 2, 2016

The Great Cookie Jar Caper

I’m getting these little bumps on my fingers.  I think its from hydroids or something. 

It was a long and pretty boring day since we only did the one dive in the morning.
Many people went to a cave and went floating around, but I chose to stay back and nap and read.  

I was also going to do my little cookie trick, but I sorta forgot about it.  When I emerged from my nap, there was a second cookie jar with a “No Pam” sign on it with all the sugar crystal cookies in it.  

Oops!  I guess I told too many people about my plan and Cheryl found out and flipped the prank!!!

Darn.  She got me good.  

I need to continue this somehow… maybe hide the jar again?  Or take it underwater?  I’ll think about this.

The rest of the day we motored.  We had a long crossing to make.

I spent a little time bonding with Jeannie today.  She is a pretty cool chick.  She has three grown kids and is the oldest of seven kids growing up.  She told us some stories about interviewing and working in the seventies.  She is also part of an improv group called "Social In-Security".  I also compared notes about Union League Club vs. University Club.  It's fun to have a friend at one of the other City Clubs.  Now we can also go to each others events!

No new nudis today. Which I guess isn’t surprising since we only did one dive.

Jose did do a talk about nudibranchs today.  He did a really good job!  He even incorporated some of the jokes I suggested.

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