Sunday, December 4, 2016

Clamilton - A Liveaboard Revolution

There are only three dives today.  And the crew is going to put the sails down and tour around some of the islands.

This was the first day there was not so great weather.  We actually got wet before we got wet.  Booo!!!

On the second dive we encountered a turtle that was eating ALL the coral down there.  As he ate, a milky stream started coming out of it.  He looked me right in the Go Pro lens a couple of times… I got a little nervous he might take a chomp!

Yup, that's my fin on the bottom right.

Yuvonne is crazy about Hamilton so we've been listening to it at full blast.  It's super fun and I love singing along with the King especially.I decided we should write a spin off musical/mockery…

A Liveaboard Revolution

Opening Scene:  All divers arrive with old ratty t-shirts from the furthest corners of the planet
Talk about finding “That Guy”… and if you can’t find him, it’s you.
Incorporate Cheryl's joke about "I left my harp in Sam’s Clam’s Disco"
Set Designs:
-       Liveaboard
-       Big Strobes and camera
Pygmy Seahorse being blinded
Debate about who goes first to see the critters (non-photographers or photographers)
Pointer Stick or No Pointer Stick
Wetsuit commando (based on Jose) – while singing, he has to strip
Hair gets bigger after every dive (like mine does)…
Have many tall tales of diving like how someone sees Schooling Pygmy Whale Sharks
Use Yuvonne's quote to: Show me five things not starting with “Pygmy”
Twerk boat (just for gratuitous booty shaking in a wetsuit)
Cookie Caper and Papaya Pilferer
Igor Instructor… always giving people advice they never asked for
Make it interactive like when we went to see Point Break Live

At dinner, we celebrated Deb and Fred’s 100th dive.  The chef carved this amazing fruit sculpture with lots of underwater animals.  It’s pretty cool.

One more measly nudibranch:

44 - Elysia marginata

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