Saturday, December 3, 2016

Petty about the Jetty

I think we’ve only got 10 dives left.  I’d really love to get to 50 nudis.  So I need to find at least one new one per dive.  Let the search begin!

I took the “No Pam” cookie jar and first hid it in my room but then decided to take it up to the bridge to convince the captain he was hungry and needed some cookies.  Then I left the cookie jar there and told him to guard it with his life.

We dove a town jetty today.  It was pretty cool but didn’t have as many critters as I’m used to at town piers.  I could have stayed down on the dive for another hour.  I still cannot get over the fact that I have not gotten cold once on this trip!

Many of the guests went to the town and took a little tour.  I was working on my photos and stayed on board.  I feel like when you’ve seen one little third world town, you’ve seen them all.  And I wasn’t in the mood to deal with kids.

I know I’m on vacation really now because I am starting to forget things.  Like I forgot to turn on my air on the night dive and I forgot to grab my second light.  Who am I?

I am happy I have stayed healthy this whole time.  Yuvonne has a terrible cough that will not go away.  And some people’s ears are giving out on them… and they are putting in lots of eardrops.
OK, I did get a few nudis today, but it might not be enough to get me to 50.

41 - Dermatobranchus ornatus

42 - Chromodoris michaeli

43 - Phyllidia carlsonhoffi

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