Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Slug Summary

Overall it was a really good trip.  Raja Ampat is amazing for its soft coral and manta action.  It’s only so-so for the critters and nudis, but there were enough to keep me happy.

Deb asked me when I was going to put the video together.  Which is funny because I don’t usually do that… but the two trips I’ve been on with her before, there has been no macro so I did shoot lots of video and I put one together.  For this trip, I posted a few videos here in the blog along the way.

The trip summary is:

35 dives bringing me up to 1681 total.

45 species of nudibranchs.

Until next time… which I don’t think is going to be until May at the Anilao Nudibranch Festival (aka Slugfest 2).

Remain Curious, Neutrally Buoyant, and Remember To Turn It Over.

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