Thursday, April 7, 2016

Hallow Hallow

Today Dave told us that sometimes the only way to tell the difference in Nudibranch identification is to look at the teeth.  Ha!  What are we going to do?  Tell the nudi to open wide?

Dave says that while trying to identify nudis, look for the similarities, not the differences!

Dave gave presentation about nudibranch art.  Pretty cool stuff.

Mike keeps telling us to take our photos at the “Peak of the Action”!

During morning surface interval – Mike bought us these drinks from the local town.  They were so weird.  Like a milkshake kinda with green jello, corn, beans, mango, red chewy things in it.  It’s called Hallow Hallow which literally means mix-mix.

I asked Mike to come speak to Chicago SCUBA Meetup and/or Shedd Aquarium and he said he’d love to! 

We found Melibe colemani on the house reef – there were three in total!

Jim was walking around humming “Rudolph the red nosed reindeer”.  I couldn’t figure out why he was singing Christmas songs… but then I realized he was taking the piss out of me, that I had my usual sun soaked red nose.  Ugh.  It’s so annoying.  No matter how much sunscreen I put on it, I still get the red nose.

Pirjot finally found her Calinga ornata at the Town Pier.  That’s the #1 reason why she came on this trip.  They were all out of air when they found it, but they did get a few shots!  (I didn't see it.)

There is a free t-shirt that comes with the workshop but it’s a boxy men’s cut.  We keep designing how we are going to cut up the t-shirts so they look better on women.

Nudis for today:

179 - Hypselodoris sp. 23

180 - Noumea romeri

181 - Thuridilla albopustulosa

182 - Melibe colemani

183 - Hexabranchus sanguineus

184 - Marionia arborescens

185 - Gymnodoris aurita

186 - Pleurobranchus varians

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