Saturday, April 2, 2016

Fin(again)s Wake

Francis put his hand down on a Scorpionfish, so we’ve taken to calling him “Doctor Scorpion” and Pirjot took an urchin to the leg so she’s now “Ms. Urchin”.

For two of the four dives today there were just two of us divers on the boat.  Bree has pink eye and had to go to the doctor who told her to sit out for 24 hours.  Bummer.

On the first dive of the morning we anchored between two rocks on a corner where there was a little current.  Ron lost one of his FINs!  I have never heard of such a thing.  Thank God the resort has extras.

It was just Linda and me on the night dive and we dove the town pier.  There was a really fun octopus in a coconut shell who was trying to catch and eat fish!

Lindz’s Velcro is not doing well on her wetsuit and she was complaining about it.  I kept wondering what we could do to rig it up, and I realized that I had brought some industrial strength Velcro for Pirjot in case she never had found any to attach her hard drive.  I offered it to Lindz and I think she is going to try to use it.

We found out that Jim is tracking our progress against the progress of the last session.  It brought out our competitive spirit and I stayed up late working with Dave and Lindsey to up our numbers!
Here are the new nudis we found today:

92 - Nembrotha milleri

93 - Nembrotha cristata

94 - Phyllidia coelestis

95 - Moridilla brockii

96 - Unknown (maybe Thorunna halourga)

97 - Nembrotha sp. (red postules only)

98 - Elysia marginata

I learned a little bit about parapodia: unjointed rudimentary limbs or processes of locomotion of many worms, as annelids.  They are the wavy things on the side and really easy to spot on the Elysias.

99 - Phyllidiopsis fissurata

100 - Noumea sp. 5

101 - Hypselodoris apolegma

102 - Phyllidiopsis annae

103 - Phyllidiopsis shireenae

104 - Dermatobranchus albus

That's my fingernail cuticle it is crawling along

105 - Hypselodoris infucata

Three of them having a party - check out the little shrimp in charge up on top!

106 - Baeolidia salaamica

Um, doesn't that look like a little plush stuffed animal?

107 - Doto sp. 2

108 - Doto sp. 1

 Those white things are its eggs.

109 - Mexichromis mariei

110 - Eubranchus sp. 25

111 - Cuthona sp. 13

112 - Baeolidia moebii

113 - Euselenops luniceps

114 - Melibe sp.

It's about to eat a little red shrimpy thing!

115 - Gastropteron bicornutum

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