Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Horseshoe Home

We stayed in Horseshoe Bay all day.  I want to move in here.  It is soooo beautiful.  Graham said that you don’t even need to have a permit to tie up here.  Just pull up and start diving.  Can you imagine?  Bringing your own boat here and just diving again and again and again.  Heaven.  OK, what would I need?  A boat with a compressor, tanks, food, an engineer… hmmm… even if I could cover the cost, that’s a lot of hassle.  Maybe this liveaboard thing IS the way to go.

This beach is crazy – we saw komodo dragons, monkeys and pigs on it.  Go figure.

I cannot say enough about the diving here.  It has it all.  Beautiful reefs, walls – with and without currents.  Totally lush corals.  Then is has awesome muck diving and sandy bottom areas.  I am in love.

I tried to put in the Big Year movie for everyone to watch – because this movie about birding really reminds me of this group, but I forgot about DVDs and the fact that there are regional differences so it wouldn’t play.  Oh well.

53 - Sagaminopteron nigropunctatum

54 - Chromodoris magnifica

55 - Halgerda batangas

56 - Cuthona ornata 

57 - Philinopsis speciosa

58 - Elysia ornata

59 - Pleurobranchus grandis

60 - Pleurobranchus peroni 

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