Thursday, October 4, 2012

Spiral Margin

The dining area here at Villa Markisa is outside.  You have to walk across a pond to get to it. 


The table setting is so fancy that before I even got my Mie Goreng (noodles for breakfast!) I had so many dishes around me I took up two spots at the table!


I did three dives today.  One boat dive and two on the house reef.

It is pretty awesome here.  There are a lot of amazing creatures, but the house reef does not seem to be as littered with nudibranchs as I remember when I was next door at Scuba Seraya.

I had one (hopefully final) challenge today.  On the last dive on Cheng Ho, my spotter light unscrewed and fell out.  Seems like a simple fix but the allen key I brought doesn’t fit the screw… so I had to appeal to Christiane’s business partner Pedro to fix it.  Everyone thought the screw was too short but once I gave Pedro the attachment arm and the housing, he was able to fix it easily.  Whew!
This nudi was not new for my trip count, but this Chromodoris colemani was really cool as a abnormality.  Look how the margin on the right spiraled out!
Malacologist Mania

215 - Chromodoris albonares
Look at the definition in the rhinophores!

216 - Costasiella kuroshimae
Super tiny!

217 - Platydoris sp. 1
With eggs... but the eggs look sorta wrecked and not that fresh.  Weird.

218 - Carminodoris flammea

219 - Atagema intecta
Hmmm... what's that coming out of its right hand side?  Could it be?

220 - Carminodoris estrelyado
This guy was kinda scrunched up but I love the coloring and detailed specks!

221 - Bornella stellifer

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