Friday, October 5, 2012

Last Look

This is it.  My last day of diving for this trip.  I did four dives today.

I’m still so far behind on all of my species ID and categorizing.  I really do need to upgrade my software and probably hardware as well.  I may go Apple this time.

It was amazing the number of nudi skewers set out on the dives today.  At one dive site, it looked like an avalanche of rocks with stick-and-photographer after stick-and-photographer.

I am now officially a member of SOSH.  So Over Sea Hares.  They are everywhere and just don’t think they are as cute a nudis.

Right by the dining area, there’s a turtle name Camilla. 

There is also a male turtle who has no name, so I suggested Prince Charles.  ;)
I also wanted to share this cool shot of the three amigos:
Note that the one on the right is actually an anemone, not a nudi.
Total Tally:
222 - Chelidonura sandrana
Super boring but ups the overall count!
223 - Elysia tomentosa
Look like a little green bull.
224 - Favorinus sp.
225 - Costasiella usagi
This one looks like a lamb.
226 - Unknown - Even the experts couldn't ID
This is an alien like nudi that we couldn't find in any books!

227 - Eubranchus mandapamensis
Oh, Mandy...
228 - Cuthona sp.
229 - Elysia sp. 20
I love this shot.
230 - Doto sp. 9
231 - Chromodoris rufomaculata
232 - Platydoris ellioti
233 - Caryophyllidia dorid
234 - Carminodoris bifurcata
It's a party!  There are three in this shot.
235 - Armina cf. semperi
I love the detail on this guy.
236 - Hypselodoris whitei
Look closely, there is another one underneath.
237 - Rostanga lutescens
238 - Tritonia

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