Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Counterfeit Chromodoris

This is the last day of diving.  On the first dive the divemasters pointed out a big fat yellow-green Chromodoris with red rhinophores… whoa! 


Isn’t that cool?  But wait, look closely.  It’s fake!!!  The crew created a nudi out of pumpkin, q-tips and parsley.  Good one!
Cheng Ho Count Up
205 - Nembrotha lineolata
Laying eggs.

206 - Marionia sp.
207 - Cuthona sp. (tiny white with pink cerata and orange rhinophores)
208 - Chromodoris sp. 26
209 - Marionia sp. 4
210 - Polycera abei
Those are grains of sand on the left.  This guy was so tiny.
211 - Tritonia sp.
212 - Cuthona sp. (white cerata with lavendar hue and orange rhinophores)
213 - Cerberilla albopunctata
This guy looks like an alien and moved soooooo fast!
214 - Pruvotfolia sp.
See through with white triangles on its Cerata.

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