Monday, January 31, 2011

Fun night in Bali and a new challenge!

Graham rescued me from the monsoon last night and took me to a great little local sushi and jazz place.  Wow, there was some amazing local talent!  They did some fusion jazz and had some crazy chicks singing in a Tina Turner like fashion... then they brought up a dude who rapped to jazz... and I overheard him later inviting people to see him pay flamenco guitar.  Flamenco guitar and rap.  Now that's unique.

The sushi was awesome and the waitstaff wore these killer t-shirts with little pictures of sushi all over them.  As dorky as they were, I needed on for myselft and immediately added one to my collection.

Graham and I had some great nudibranch centric conversations.  I know, enough to make anyone insanely jealous.  He talked about many malacologists and trips he's taken with them.  I need to sign up for one of his upcoming trips.  Check out his website:

He left me with a new challenge.  To count the number of UNIQUE nudibranchs photographed and identified on a trip.  I guess I usually do this by organizing and labeling my nudi shots, but he just raised the bar on my dive trip ratings.  Nudi <sighting> Stars!

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