Monday, January 31, 2011

Meeting a fellow malacologist for dinner


I writing this while I am stranded in a downpour at the poolside bar.  I should really say monsoon.  It is coming down so hard I don't even think I can make the sprint back to my room!

I am going out to dinner tonight (sushi and jazz) with Graham Abbott.  I met Graham on the Peter Hughes Stardancer a few years ago.  He is a crazy Brit who now lives in Bali.  

He is also a mad malacologist.  In fact, he puts me to shame.

He runs trips to Indonesia for people to find nudibranchs.  Nudibranch safaris if you will. He keeps trying to get me to sign up for them but they are usually in the fall...when I'm not necessarily ready to get outta Chicago yet.

This upcoming year he's got a trip going with Teri Goslinger whom I met recently... So I just may cave in!

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