Sunday, January 23, 2011


As most Chicagoans will be cheering on the Bears while they 'pack' the Packers today, I'll be 'packing' as well... for my big trip to Indonesia.  I leave on Saturday 1/29 to chase my passion for finding and photographing nudibranchs!  I fly from O'Hare to Houston to Russia (!?!?!?) to Singapore to Densapar Bali.  Then I overnight at Puri Santrian before taking the private flight to Wakatobi, a diver's paradise.  There are only two flights to Wakatobi every month (and that's the only way to get there).

Then I spend a few days at SCUBA Seraya.  I've been there before but this time I may just dive their beach, Seraya Secrets.  I've heard that there are over 100 species of nudibranchs found there alone!

I wrap up my trip with a week at Malaku Divers.  An old crewmate from the Palau Aggressor, Marcel is the manager there now.  This is where they found the psychedelic frogfish last year.  I hope he knows exactly where that frogfish lives, but more importantly we need to find some new crazy exotic nudibranchs I can photograph and post on my Nudi Girl wall.

If you are interested in following along with my Indonesian Adventures, subscribe to this blog and I'll keep you posted as I have internet access.

Just one more week of this Chicago winter weather!

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