Monday, December 27, 2010

Nudi Girl Naming

I earned the name "Nudi Girl" on a trip to Truk Lagoon in August 2005.  Because I worked for the Aggressor Fleet I could go on any of the other Aggressors for free as a guest as long as they weren't fully booked for that week.  So, I used my Frequent Flier miles to get me to Chuuk and on that boat! 

Truk is known for their World War II wrecks but I, as always, was on the lookout for those little sea slugs.  We were down on the Sankisan Maru and while others were frantically exploring the wreck from bow to stern... I just hovered very still near the railing photographing the amazing Chromodoris geometrica (seen at the top of this page) for the entire dive.

Afterward, a couple of grad students who were also guests of the boat, gave me a hard time that I'd come all the way to Truk and didn't even explore the most famous World War II wreck.  That instead, I focused on a nudibranch for the whole time.  From that point on, they started calling me "Nudi Girl".

And that's how I got my nickname.

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