Monday, November 28, 2016

Twerk It

The boat fired up its engines at 3:45am so we could move to a new dive site.

The wood on this boat has a distinct smell.  It is very similar to the smell at Hamilton when I sat in the second row.  I wonder if it is a certain kind of wood that smells this way.

I made a cool video at 4am.  The stars were all shining so brightly.  I even saw a shooting star.  I tried to show that we were “Flying the W” amongst it all.

I am reading “All the Light We Cannot See”.  It won a Pulitzer Award and I’m about 90% done but this is way too heavy reading for a vacation.  I don’t like these kinds of books at all.  But I’m one of those people… if I start a book I’m going to finish it.  The main character (Marie Laure, the blind woman who loves being in the ocean) does study malacology though I realized. 

The dive sites here are beautiful.  They are very pristine with lots of soft coral and sea fans.  However, it’s not great to find little critters and nudis.

This is definitely the warmest diving I’ve ever done.  I am using my old wetsuit without any hood and I don’t think I’ve gotten cold once.  The temperature on my dive computer is reading 86 degrees.

Yuvonne got a massage.  They do it on the sundeck with other people around.  I think it’s a little weird. But then again, I'm not a massage person.

Today things got a little crazy.  Yuvonne broke out her Hamilton music.  I just love the part where the King sings.  So then I had this in my head as we went into the dusk dive and I was singing it underwater.

We all started twerking before getting on the boat.  I'll just leave that image in your head.

During one of the dives today, I found a yellow frogfish about ¾ of the way through the dive and tried to get people to come down to the 70 feet I was at, but nobody heard me.  So I took a few shots and decided I would just keep it a secret.  I guess they don’t see many frogfish here.  

Then, I showed Joni the yellow frogfish on my camera while we were at the safety stop but told him not to tell anyone.  He showed me a trick with making air circles from his wetsuit sleeves.  I can't figure out how he does it!

It was BBQ night.  I had shrimp and calamari… and then asked them to bring the butter cookies up.  We all took our turn at the jar (even though they made chocolate mousse)!

After dinner, Jose and I had a nudi date.  We went through his nudi presentation, my nudi presentation and Dave Behern’s.  Then I showed him all the papers I had on the subject.  Since he is a science geek, he is so interested to read them.

New Nudis

30 - Reticulidia fungia

31 - Phyllidiella rudmani

32 - Phyllidia elegans

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