Sunday, November 27, 2016

It's a Small World on Joni Boat

I woke up at 2am but made myself go back to sleep until at least 4am.

I went up to the sundeck but it is raining just enough not to stay out there.

I am getting a little blister on my left ankle from my fins.  I put some Neosporin on it and I’m hoping it won’t get any worse.

They call our boat “Joni Boat”.

I started telling Joni that I knew many of the people who took photos for the most recent Indo-Pacific nudibranch book.  I got to Francis and Pirjot and Joni spoke up… "I know them from Lembeh!"  They go to Lembeh all the time.  I started telling all of these stories about Pirjot.  It’s a really small world.

I only had one complaint about the night dive…  There were soooo many fans and soft corals that I couldn’t really get up in there to see if there were any critters or nudis!

I chatted with G and Jose about their crew experience.  G said that he and Lisa had to interview together to get this job and competed against like 130 other couples for the job.  That’s so weird for me to contemplate… that you would interview for a job with your significant other.

I guess the guy who started the Arenui was only like 34 when he birthed the company and is now still very young.  He was not really a diver and got certified on the boat itself.

Since we were bombarded with mantas, I only picked up a few new nudis today:

25 - Phyllidia varicosa

26 - Phyllidiopsis sinaiensis

27 - Phyllidiopsis fissurata

28 - Thecacera sp. 8

29 - Jorunna funebris

Cheryl found the first one for me and then Joni found the second one.

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