Monday, March 3, 2014

Phony Photos

We are back at Labuan Bajo refilling the boat with water this morning.  This may be the last full day of diving.  It depends on if the boat still institutes the full 24 hours before flying or if 18 hours is OK (as PADI now says).

The night dive was awesome again.  I saw four pleurobranchs alone!  And I pointed out many things to Pirjot and Francis… even more than the dive guide.

Ha ha ha ha.  I am dying laughing on the inside.  Bill asked for 10 photos from each of us for the slideshow.  I gave him clips from the book and saved them as JPEGs and oh yeah, I threw in one of Graham in his drysuit.  J

I’m dying to be there when he figures this out!!!

95 - Cuthona sp. 30

96 - Phyllodesmium lizardensis

97 - Thorunna daniellae

98 - Chromodoris albonares 

99 - Thorunna furtiva 

100 - Philinopsis gardineri

101 - Chromodoris leopardus 

102 - Chromodoris coi 

103 - Pleurobranchus forskalii

104 - Nembrotha milleri 

105 - Noumea crocea 

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