Sunday, December 23, 2012

Nudi Notice

It is very calm seas today.  Nobody is really seasick anymore.

We had all of our dive briefings.

The first dive site was Rock and Roll and the second one was G-Spot.  Hilarious.  So far, me likey!

There are not as many little critters and creatures here but it is really good Caribbean diving.  We’ve already seen several sharks, a turtle, an eel.  The big thing here is to try to find the male yellow headed jaw fish with eggs.  I’ve already found one but he was very shy and did not let me take any shots of him. 

There are many flamingo tongues.  I am trying to make them interesting but they will never be as cool as the nudibranch.

The crew are a bit older than most crew I’ve been on with but they are a riot.  Dive briefings were often filled with crazy nonsensical things that nobody called them out on.  I found it hilarious but nobody else seemed to get the joke or even ask questions about it.

For example, Rob gave a briefing and talked about all of the Caribbean Penguins we were going to see on this site… and nobody even broke a smile or called him out on it.  People were even trying to guess what he meant by it.  That maybe it was a different type of critter or something.  I cannot believe that nobody called him out on it.

Jim found my hot pink dress on the camera table and decided to put it on and wear it around.  That guy is nuts.

I sat with James and Jeremy at dinner and we traded some silly stories. James is an ER Nurse and has seen a ton of crazy things… like the Xray of some poor patient who had a vibrator stuck way up his rectum and was still vibrating!

Then Jeremy told some stories about the English using their vocabulary instead of American.  He told a story about his smoker friend who got on the airport bus in Atlanta after a long flight in and announced he’d “Murder a Fag” which means really that he was dying for a cigarette.  Oops.

Only four of us went on the night dive but it was awesome.  We saw crab and lobster and an octopus out feeding.  It kept spreading itself out as far as it could and turning white like a ghost.  But about halfway through the dive Cole starting waving her light back and forth non stop so I swam over there… she found a beautiful white nudibranch.  It was AWESOME!!!  I was so excited, but I cannot seem to figure out what kind of aeolid it is.  L   It appears that I only brought Neville Coleman’s ID book on my laptop.  I didn’t bring the “Bible”.  Darn it!

I'm not 100% sure on this, but I think that this is a Dondice occidentalis.  Otherwise known as the Fringe-Back Nudibranch.

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