Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Crazy

I cannot think of anything else I rather be doing on Christmas Day.  This is awesome.

There are a couple of guys with Santa hats on today.  It is very cute. 

The Turks & Caicos diving is much better than I thought it would be.  I’m excited for another day underwater.

I need to start working on using Lightroom as well as Photoshop Elements.  I hear that is the gold standard but I don’t want to lose 10 years of indexing photos.  I was going to try to use both for a while to see what the differences are.  I’ve also been told that Aperture is good, so maybe I’ll look at that as well.

For lunch there was no ice for my diet coke.  Boo hoo.  Because it was so rocky, the ice machine couldn’t do its job.

The crew nicknamed my camera “marionette” because I like to keep the arms floppy and set them up underwater every time.  Other photographers usually keep the strobe arms stiff as they take the camera in and out of the water.

Dinner was turkey.  Phil did such a good job – it was the moistest turkey I’ve had in a long time.  I got really grumpy at dinner though.  There is this guy Jeff who plays his videos during every meal.  I feel that it’s a bit rude.  We should be having dinner conversation, not watching television during a meal.  A few times I tried to start a conversation with the others at the dinner table, but they were really not interested.  I just feel like we really shouldn’t be watching TV during a meal.

Then, it’s cold.  I was just so freaking cold and couldn’t get warm.  I couldn’t in the salon, on the sundeck, anywhere.  That just makes me so grumpy.

Rob got a new setup with a black Sola light and special glasses/filter so he can take phosphorescent photography.  I can’t wait to see how they turned out!

I'm up to my old pranks again.  Alan and I froze Jim’s wetsuit overnight.  We aren’t sure how to present it before the first dive.  Maybe a note on the dive briefing board?

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