Monday, January 30, 2012

Turtles like Nudis too

Today was a five dive day.  We moored up in a beautiful secluded location that reminded me of the Rock Islands in Palau.  It was called Turtle Rock.  This turtle had a beautiful clean shell with two remoras.

I saw tons of nudis today but most of them were ones I’ve already identified on the trip.  There were three new ones:

36 - Nembrotha livingstonei

37 - Notodoris minor

Randy found this guy and put him on top of a coral head to photograph.  He said he’d never seen it before and took some photos with his huge camera rig.  I didn’t believe him at all, I mean c’mon… the Notodoris minor is fairly common.  But I talked to him about it later and he was pretty convincing.

38 - Hypselodoris maculosa

I do a have few other nudi shots that were cool:

Hypselodoris bullockii

These three were cuddling.

Nembrotha cristata (green) and Nembrotha kubryana (red) hanging out together.  Look at the little white spots on the red ones.  I’m not sure what that is.

Nembrotha rutilans eating tunicates

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