Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Apo Island Appreciated

Today, we took a boat trip from Dumaguete to Apo Island.  We left at 8am and did three dives:  two in the morning and one after lunch.

Apo Island is not necessarily known for its nudibranchs but it did not disappoint.

The first dive was at Chapel and my divemaster PJ pointed out this awesome scene.

6 - Hypselodoris bullockii laying eggs

The we saw these guys in a little foreplay:
7 - Nembrotha cristata

8 - Nembrotha kubaryana

He's chowing down.  Yummy!

During lunch, we were supposed to tour the island, but there were so many boats we couldn't go on shore.  Instead, we enjoyed quite a local Filipino spread and we were serendaded by the boat crew.  One of the guys even got this dress from one of the local vendors and sang as a cross dresser!

After lunch, we did one more dive and found this beauty.

9 - Phyllodesmium serratum

The boat ride back seemed much longer and wetter than the ride there, so I got a bit grumpy... but I still went on the Night Dive!  I was the only one though.  It was AMAZING!  There were so many critters and creatures.  Here are the nudi finds:

10 - Phidiana sp.
11 - Jorunna sp.

This looks just like a baby sponge until you realize it's moving!

7 dives and 11 nudis, that's pretty good tally.  I'm looking forward to FIVE dives today.  Although, I do have a blister on my toe from my fins.  Ouch!

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