Monday, February 14, 2011

You are so "nudi-ful" to me!

<Thanks to my friend Kelly that title suggestion.  I love it!>
The Nudi Safari continued at SCUBA Seraya.   Alit and I had so much fun diving together and finding new stuff.  We had an underwater happy dance (it was more like a butt wiggle and regulator singing) and a very complicated fist bump thing.  Here is a picture of the super underwater nudi shaka heroes:
29 - Hypselodoris nigrostriata
Check it out, this one is laying eggs!
30 - Hypselodoris sp.
In the book they call this one Beautiful Hyselodoris but it has not been named yet.
I caught these two in the act!
31 – Unknown aeolid
Alit found this on a hydroid.  It is soooo photogenic but I have no idea what it is exactly.
32 – Phidiana indica
This looks like fireworks to me.
33 – Unknown chromodoris
This one was so small (that’s why the picture is a little fuzzy).  It may be a juvenile of some sort.
 34 - Chromodoris aureopurpurea 

35 – Unknown aeolid

36 – Moridillia brockii

37 - Discodoris sp.
You have to look closely at this all white nudi to see its rhinophores and gills.
38 - Bornella stellifer
This one has whiskers up front.
39 - Unknown aeolid
This one is modeling for me.  Nudibranch's Next Top Model.
40 - Glossidoris atromarginata

41 - Chromodoris reticulata
In Kona, this nudi was very rare and we called it a red spotted nudi.

As I was leaving SCUBA Seraya for a night in Bali, I noticed a little snail on the driveway.  It’s almost like a nudibranch crawled out of the water to say goodbye to me. 
Happy snails to you… until we meet again!  I would like to come back in another five years.
OK, off to Malaku Divers in Ambon!

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