Saturday, March 26, 2016

SlugFest 2016

I'm off to SlugFest tomorrow!!!  I can't wait!

I already know many of the people coming to my session.

Dave Behrens - I've never been diving with Dave but I've heard tons of great things about him.

Kevin Lee - I've been diving with twice on Diving4Images trips.  He is from California and his website is:

Jim and Lesley Anderson - I was just diving with last September.  They are from Scotland and Jim runs:

Martha Tressler and Anthony Holley - I've been diving with once on a Diving4Images trip.  They are from England and love the itty bitty white blobby unidentifiable nudis!

Mike Bartick - A friend on Facebook who is working/living in the Philippines.  His site is:

Francis and Pirjot Pellet - These guys are my favorite French couple who I've been on a few Diving4Images trips with

Lindsey (Lindz) Warren - I haven't met her yet but Bernard Picton knows her.  I've also seen her on a lot of the Nudibranch Groups on Facebook.  She is always really quick to ID slugs.

Indra Swari - I've been diving with her once on a Diving4Images trip.  She's married to an ex-Pat and has published a beautiful underwater photography book on Indonesia.

Craig Hoover - Don't know him (yet)

Richard Todd - Don't know him (yet)

Vickie Elson - Don't know her (yet)

Ron Springer - Don't know him (yet)

Zabriskie - Don't know this person (yet)

Gary Elsworth - Don't know him (yet)

If you check out some of these websites, you'll see that I am the little itty bitty grasshopper of this group, but I'm so ready to learn!

I should have internet connectivity the whole time so get ready for some serious slugging!

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