Sunday, January 4, 2015

Neoprene Nearly Nomore


This trip is Pau.  

I spent my last day in the sun at the hotel pool and then took a shower just before I left.  

As I was relaxing in the sunshine surrounded by other divers passing the day from every corner of the planet… I suddenly realized: I. FORGOT. MY. WETSUIT.

WTF?  Seriously Pam?

I remember putting everything into my dive bag thinking there was a lot of room in there but I didn’t think anything of it since on purpose I didn’t back my checked bags full.  The crew had rinsed all of our gear, including our wetsuits and had hung them upstairs.  Out of sight.  Out of mind.  I am clearly out of my mind.  Duh.

I had the front desk call the boat and Shumi was so awesome.  They were able to get my wet suit and hooded vest back to me within the hour.  That is amazing.  I tipped them really well, so hopefully that helped too.  Crisis averted.  I really like this wetsuit, so I’m glad it was saved.
I checked in at the airport (by the way… this time nobody even looked at my carryon bag, nevermind weighing it), went to Columbo in Sri Lanka, then back to Dubai where I flew to Chicago O’Hare which was minus 17 degrees!!!  As usual, I loved the trip and wish I could dive more often.  But then again, it is nice to go back to my own condo: where everything is exactly as I like it to be. 

So, in summary this trip was 21 dives, bringing my count up to 1517 total lifetime dives.  There were 16 unique nudi sightings, one New Year’s Eve celebration and one 44th birthday.

So, until next time… (September for another Nudi Safari in Indonesia with and the infamous Graham Abbott)

Stay curious, neutrally buoyant, and remember to turn things over.

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